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Referee Assignors are Referee Advocates

USSF requires all affiliated games be assigned by a USSF currently registered Assignor.

Referee Assignors are considered a referees’ advocate. Their job includes being:

  • Mentors - to help guide referees and offer positive and constructive feedback
  • Observers - observe referees as they work and make recommendations to the state program for support
  • Personnel Managers and source of correct information - Assignors must be aware and consider referees availability when making assignments. Since the assignor has the most contact with the referee, they are usually the first place a referee goes for information.
  • League Assignors - usually works for and closely with the league they assign for.  Has the most contact and interaction with referees.  Is usually much more aware of referees' experience and registration status.
  • Tournament Assignors - does not usually see or interact with referees unless there is a tournament.  Must research referee registration status before assigning.
Assignors as independent contractors vs employees. Assignors must abide by the USSF Code of Ethics in all their actions.

Assignors are an important and integrated part of USSF and Missouri’s Referee Developmental Program and are key to the overall development of ALL referees