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USSF Process for Regional and National Officials to request an Evaluation

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Submitted by Missouri SDI on 06- 10- 2023

Published by USSF on 6-9-23

Registration Year July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024
Process for Regional and National Officials to request an Evaluation (assessment)

1. Regional and National officials must never reach out directly to a National Referee Coach and request an evaluation.

2. Officials should never pay an assessor out of pocket. Payment should be handled through the State Referee Committee. It is a conflict of interest if officials pay the evaluator directly.

3. If the competition is local, i.e., a local adult league, the officials must request an evaluation through the State Director of Assessment or the SRA if the state does not have an SDA. Officials must never select their own evaluator as this creates a conflict of interest for both the official and evaluator.

4. If the competition is a national adult league that the U.S. Soccer National Assignor pool is responsible for, (NPSL, UWS, USL-League 2, Open Cup Qualifying Rounds, and UPSL Northeast American Division only) the referee should request the assessment through the referees SDA and the National Assignor.

5. Video evaluations are allowed provided the referee and both assistant referees are seen during the game and the video quality is professionally broadcast. In-person evaluations are preferred over video evaluations.

6. It is recommended that the game fee for an evaluation not exceed the referees game fee for local competitions. For national adult leagues the evaluators fee is no more than $125USD.

7. Evaluators must never negotiate their own game fee and expenses.

Evaluators are considered, Mentors, Referee Coaches, National Referee Coaches. It also includes Grassroots Assessor and Regional Assessor until December 31, 2023.