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New Instructions & Options

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Submitted by Missouri SDI on 04- 06- 2019

SafeSport instructions are posted on the home page after log in at  SafeSport Training can also be accessed and done on the U S Soccer Learning Center.

Attached are the new instructions for directly logging into the SafeSport Training

or you can long into the ussf learning center if your current certificate is within 60 days of expiring. and log into your profile to confirm your email address (if you're under 18 then your parents will have to add a 2nd address) once that's done, then you have to click on "Courses" and under "supplemental courses " find the "Introduction to safe and healthy playing environments" and take that FREE module.  You can  find both the SafeSport and the Intro to Safe on this site. 

It is important that all know when updating your safeSport, for a certificate to be acceptable for registration or re-registration, it will need to either say SafeSport Trained or be one of the three refresher courses.  USSF will not accept a certificate that is expired.  For USSF, certificates are only good for one year from the issue date.  MRDP requires the certificate for 2023 registration must be good at the time you get the badge at the clinic.

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