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2024 Background Checks for Guest Registrations

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Submitted by Missouri SDI on 04- 21- 2024

As a guest registration in Missouri, attached is info as a pdf giving you directions and illustrations for paying for and completing a background check if OMS doesn't accept your's, or if you lack an acceptable or current, background check.

Starting in 2024, Missouri only accepts the background checks from our OMS (JDP) provider, or the one from USSF (NCSI or JDP) that shows in the learning center.on your profile.  For Missouri to see your profile you must add MISSOURI STATE REFEREE COMMITTEE to your approved organizations in the Learning Center.

Every state's background check requirements may be different. Although you may have cleared a background check for the state where you registered or re-registered, assignors in the state you are applying to work may not accept it. Background check requirements are mandated by each state’s SRC. Here are instructions for obtaining a background check meeting MO’s requirements.
1.  On your Home page, select the Update SafeSport/Background Check link in the Administration dropdown menu.

2.  The next screen will advise you to complete the checkout process for your background check from your Home page.
3.  Once you have completed the checkout, you will see a receipt, which will include a link to authorize your background check. This link will also appear on your Home page.
4.  This will direct you to JDP’s secure site, where you can authorize your background check.