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New and Existing Referees - where to go and what to do for 2024

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Submitted by Missouri SDI on 02- 20- 2023


All new referees should now start the process at our new registration site, you will sign up on "New Member Registration" if you are brand new or are returning to refereeing after more than 3 years away. After your profile is complete, while you can see all the clinics, you must choose Outdoor Entry Referee Online Lessons FIRST.  You want just this Online link first, so that after your payment you can get access to the 25 online training modules that are a prerequisite for the in-person course.  ONLY after you have successfully completed all 25 modules will a new green button/box appear that says "Pick a Clinic".  That's when you decide what roster you want to be on and where you want to attend the in-person class and hands on field training.   All the 25 modules must be completed before the posted cutoff date of each clinic, at midnight the night before the clinic, in order to be able to get put on the specific clinic roster. After midnight the system won't let anyone be added to the roster.  Any roster has a cutoff date so the sooner you can get your 25 modules done, the better.  Here is the link to get you started;

The entry in-person clinic consists of both classroom and hands-on field training.


All previously registered referees within the last 3 years should also start the re-registration process at and choose member sign-in using your email as your user name and your last name in all upper case as your password.  All referees and emeritus referees will have a separate but combined clinic to sign up for.  Both the Referee and Emeritus recert clinics work just like the clinics for new referees, after you log in you can see the clinics currently scheduled, but you can't yet select one.  You first have to pay, then sign up for or reserve the recert online modules FIRST.  Then, only after you have completed all the (this year just 7 modules) online work will the GREEN button appear that lets you "PICK A CLINIC" so you're added to the roster for the venue you want to attend.  To start the re-registration process, go to   and sign in.

If it's been over 3 years since your last registration in Missouri or any other USSF state, you will have to use the same path as the new referees.  If the OMS system only offers you the online entry route, then your last registration was outside the permitted 3 year window.

In the meantime once other training gets posted, i.e. fitness testing, assignor or mentor courses, if you're eligible you should see them on your home page.  REMEMBER IF YOU ARE REGISTERED FOR MORE THAN ONE THING (i.e. referee and assignor, referee and mentor, etc) THE PRIMARY EMAIL ON YOUR PROFILE IN THE LEARNING CENTER MUST MATCH THE PRIMARY EMAIL AND DOB IN OMS ON YOUR PROFILE or the 2 systems won't sync your SafeSport and/or Intro to Safe.


All referees that are currently registered in other states use   then click on "Transfer" to move your registration into Missouri, or "Guest Registration" if you just want to be assigned here, of course all guest registrations now have to pay a $40 guest fee.  This process does NOT affect what state you are currently registered through, rather it just confirms your registration status through the learning center and makes your info available to registered assignors for affiliated games in Missouri.  If it can't confirm your registration status, it kicks it to state administrators to confirm it in other ways.

At some point ALL new referees, as well as re-registering referees, mentors, or assignors will have to go to the USSF Learning Center to complete at least 1 module every year at no cost to them.  Please don't do anything else on the USSF site that you have to pay for.  Any fees you should pay will already be folded into your fees you pay to register through Missouri, so we repeat, please don't pay for anything on the us soccer site cause if you do you can't get it back.

By Federal Law If you're 18 or older you also have to do SafeSport.  It must be updated every year.  It is free and should not cost you anything. You can also take it on the same learning center location UNLESS your existing SafeSport expires more than 60 days from when you want to take it.  Otherwise then you can only take it by going directly to  Going there you will want to know which of the 4 USSF approved modules you need to take next.  Once it's done from there, on their menu, right hand side, look for "TRANSCRIPTS" and get/download a pdf copy and email it to [email protected] so we can save a copy at the state level (a USSF requirement again) and we can upload it to your profile in the learning center.

The 4 approved USSF SafeSport modules are, in order of sequence:

SafeSport Trained - U.S. Soccer Federation

Refresher 1: Recognizing and Reporting Misconduct = U.S. Soccer

Refresher 2: Preventing Misconduct - U.S. Soccer

Refresher 3: Creating A Positive Sport Environment - U.S. Soccer

A new one, or the next in sequence, must be taken every year.  After all 4 have been taken, the sequence of modules starts all over again.

Suggest for returning referees you start with and ensure your Intro to Safe and Healthy is up to date, and if you're 18 or older your SafeSport must also be current.

Contact your MRDP system administrator (front page along the bottom) if you have any other questions.