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Starting the Recertification process

All Re-certifications begin at

Beginning July 1, 2023 MRDP will use OMS for all registration and training.  

1. If you are a new referee, or have let your prior registration lapse more than 3 years, you will find instructions how to start the process with your creating or updating your profile. 

2. If you've been registered before, you may find your own profile by using your email address as your log in, and your last name in all caps as your password.  The system should know what you are eligible for, so if it's been under 3 years, it will let you look for and sign up for a "Recertification Clinic" if any are posted.  Usually those clinics don't have enough demand to schedule until later in the calendar year.  If there are at least 8 people, then one can be scheduled.  Contact your DRA if you don't see any in your area, the DRA's are responsible for approving and scheduling those within their district.

In addition, if you are 18 or older you must complete the SafeSport training required by USSF before your registration will be accepted at USSF.  See the Article on the home page for details.


All re-certifications,testing, and online training modules are tied to first signing up for online training for a specific clinic at tba
At the time of signup to a clinic fees must be paid to proceed further.